Things to Know about 1st  Grade

ANCHOR Book - This is your child’s binder.  Your child will bring this binder home from school each day.  Please be sure you take a look at it and send it back to school with your child daily.  Inside the ANCHOR Book, you will find:    Agenda: Inside you will find your child’s conduct grade for the day.  Please review and discuss this with your child and initial daily.  You are welcome to write me any questions or notes in this. News/Homework, , Reference Material, Money/Notes Pocket:  

Arrival/Attendance - Students should have time to arrive to our classroom by 7:50.  They will be considered tardy after this time. 3 tardies, including check outs, add up to an absence. IF your child is absent please send a separate note indicating the date and “why”. Make up work will be due for the days absent. Ex: if absent 2 days, take 2 days to complete. IF more time is needed please let me know.

Behavior System: Students have many opportunities throughout the day to practice appropriate behavior.  My system allows them to move up and down on the conduct chart during the day to encourage proper behavior. Their conduct will be noted at the end of the day in their agenda.  A stamp indicates no clips moved or a warning.  S-, N, U will be noted along with explanation of infraction. Clipping up for excellent behavior will also be noted for additional praise!!  

Birthdays You are welcomed to send goodie bags or other items for each student (pencils, erasers, etc.) or purchase ice cream for the class at lunch ($1). Due to allergies cupcakes and cookies are discouraged. 

Communication – Sign up for Remind texts from me.   I will send out group texts to remind you of deadlines, new info, etc.  Text  @g3ae9k  to _81010___.  Also, you may contact me with any questions or concerns you have.  Email is the easiest way to reach me. or at school 840-9525.   ALL Transportation changes should be in a written note to be submitted to the office.

Donations - Please see newsletters for donations needed through the year.  I appreciate any donations you make to our classroom! Clorox wipes, Kleenex, and Germ X are always needed. Indoor recess games that are age appropriate ( Games, Legos, Puzzles, Playdough, Art Supplies)

Grades:   Grades are weighted equally: 2 grades per subject (Math and Language ) each week.  Social Studies/Science have S, N, U. Graded papers will be sent home on Wednesdays in a folder. Please sign the log and return the folder. You may keep the papers. 

Homework - Weekly homework will be due each Friday. It will be counted as a participation grade.

Lunch – 11:20 -11:45 Lunch is $2.25 each day for students. If you plan for your child to purchase school lunch, you are encouraged to send checks or cash to school to cover your child’s lunch cost for the week or month.  Please write your child’s name and lunch number on the check. You may sign up at to check your child’s account balance. If you would like to join your child for lunch after the first two weeks, please sign in at office and meet us in the cafeteria. Lunch visitors begin in two weeks.

Math - Your child will accomplish many skills in math this year.  Just a few are: addition and subtraction fact fluency, Counting Money, Telling Time, and adding 2 digit numbers.

Newsletter - A weekly newsletter will be sent home on Mondays.  Please be sure to read the news to find out what we are up to in class and about any special days or events.  There will be a dedicated spot in the binder to find it easily.

P.E. – 8:40-9:25 In addition to library, music, art, health, and computer classes, your child will participate in P.E.  See binder for related arts calendar.  Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes for P.E. 

Recess – 2:00-2:20  Based on our schedule and weather, we will have either outside or inside recess daily. Tennis shoes are recommended every day.

Rules: 1. Be Responsible. 2. Be Respectful. 3. Be a Good Citizen.

Snack - We will have a short snack time each morning at 9:30.  Please be sure to send a nutritious snack that can easily be opened by your child. If you wish, you may also send water or a juice drink.  Snack time will last about ten minutes. 

Tests: Weekly tests will be: Spelling and Reading,: English and Math Fact quizzes. Math will also be tested when unit is completed. Check newsletter and agenda book weekly for further information. 

Writing:  We will practice writing incredible, correct sentences and move forward to paragraphs.

Website –  School website:

You - You are your child’s first teacher and role model. Practice “real life” math at the grocery store, while driving, at the gas station etc.  Still read to your child and have them read to you!

 ZZZ’s Please be sure your child gets plenty of sleep each night. 

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